High Fidelity Patient Specific 3D Print

Patient-specific Model
Customised Anatomical Model
Customised Printed Cast

High Fidelity Patient Specific 3D Print Model

  1. Praktisk, focus on image-guided, minimally-invasive medical procedures.
  2. The customised patient specific models are able to replicate the human body and organs with the incorporation of real-case pathologies at 1:1 scale.
  3. Praktisk models are designed to be compatible with all fluoroscopic modalities, as well as existing medical devices and implants.
  4. Praktisk series are crafted to suit operating theatre environment, either catheterization lab or angiography suite or hybrid OT.
  5. Praktisk models are easily set-up and assembled, enable the suite or operating theatre to be used for emergency cases if necessary.
  6. This high-fidelity solution is the way forward for practice, rehearse and pre-plan your minimally-invasive procedure.